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Soccer: Scott falls in district match at Anderson County

CLINTON, Tenn.  |  For the final 60-plus minutes of Tuesday’s (Sept. 13) district match here, Scott High held Anderson County without a goal.

But two goals in a five-minute span in the first half proved to be the difference, as the Mavericks escaped with a 2-0 win over the Lady Highlanders.

Scott High missed an opportunity to score directly in front of the Anderson County goal in the game’s opening minute, and the Mavericks dominated the first half after that. After 10 scoreless minutes, AC scored two goals in the span of five minutes to grab a 2-0 lead, and had many more shots on goal before the intermission.

The second half would prove to be a different story, as the Lady Highlanders locked things down defensively and even had some looks on the offensive end that came up empty.

In retrospect, Scott coach Eric Henry wasn’t as disappointed in his defense as in his offense in the first half.

“As bad as the defense looked in the first half, we had three or four Chloe Tucker throw-ins in the first three minutes, all within a few yards or feet of the goal, and we got zero shots. Nothing,” he said. 

The second half was much better from a defensive perspective, though Henry said that “precious little offense got going.” 

Henry credited the play of Tucker and , who moved to the back and helped turn the momentum on defense.

“I had to put them both in the middle back because of injury and poor play,” Henry said. “They locked it down. 23 (for Anderson County) was the fastest kid I’ve seen in a while, but she never made it past Chloe Tucker, ever.” 

Tucker was carded in the box during one of the defensive battles, which left Henry steaming.

“The ref caved to the coach complaining, but Bella (Sharpe, keeper) made a huge save on the PK,” he said.

Finally, Henry credited the play of Abbie Reynolds.

“She really stepped it up,” he said. “She’s not seen much playing time, but she plays as hard as she can every minute she’s in. That’ll get you on my field every week.”

Ultimately, Henry said, “You can’t win if you don’t score, and you can’t score if you don’t shoot.”

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