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Oneida falls to Webb in road game

KNOXVILLE — It was close for a half, but Webb broke open the game in the second half, scoring a 6-1 win over Oneida here Thursday.

The Spartans scored four unanswered goals in the second 40 minutes of Thursday’s game, with half of them coming from an eighth grader and the rest from freshmen and sophomores.

“You’d think after 26 years involved with a soccer program I would have enough common sense to be more weary of Webb,” said Oneida coach Phil Newport, who was traveling to West Knoxville to face the Spartans for a second consecutive season. “He went out and recruited and it showed up in the score.”

Oneida junior Aliyah Douglas scored early in the first half to match Webb’s first score, but the Spartans quickly answered, and the Lady Indians were unable to get on the board again.

“We were outshot and outplayed by perhaps the first team that could match our quickness,” Newport said.

Newport was not happy that his team got pushed around by a team as young as Webb.

“My team has been making excuses when things haven’t gone their way. They know that has to change,” he said. “We can’t just walk on the field and produce things without working harder for it. I have an old saying, ‘Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.’ Right now we have kind of been inconsistent with the effort we give.”

Still, Newport said, there is nothing for his team to hang their heads about after Thursday’s game.

“Webb also just bounced perennial power Alcoa 5-1,” he said. “Tonight when the score was 3-1 we just left our keeper on an island with three late break-aways that could have been called offsides.” 

Oneida was short-handed for Thursday’s game, playing without four players who are usually on the field: Lydia Kline, Jillian Cross, Jaylin Anderson and Emilee Sexton.

“We are hoping they get back soon so we can get back to keeping legs fresh,” Newport said. “When we can do that, perhaps we can go back to playing with a little more pep.”

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